About me

I’m an (industrial) designer, design & market researcher, blues dancer, and writer who is interested in philosophy, art, and technology on a social level. I love to explore in nature, to do creative activities, and to connect with people through movement and improvisation.

I’m educated as a designer and researcher specialized in human-technology relations, both from a design, philosophy of technology, and human insights perspective. Through exploring questions about the role of our material environments in our current and future lives, I enjoy discovering people’s daily life stories in order to connect the dots and use the bigger picture for driving change. My qualities as a designer and insights & innovation researcher are in the area of design research, market research, social & human-centered conceptual design, co-design, and philosophical perspectives in design. Basically a human perspective on technology and how you can approach these questions using design.

In addition, I am an active blues dancer. You can find me on the blues dance floor both in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2013, I co-founded the Bluesdancing Enschede community and have been teaching and organizing the weekly classes there for over five years.

On this website you can find my life’s portfolio, so to say. Find a list of all my academic publications here. For my professional resume, you can find me on LinkedIn.