The Memorichi is a small device that supports savoring and especially the savoring-strategy of sharing with others. The device is designed as a simple and non-coercive device to train face-to-face sharing. Nowadays, digital communication is an important way of sharing stories with friends and family, however, in-person sharing has been linked to improving human relationships, empathy skills, and happiness.

The Memorichi has three buttons to which (groups of) friends can be connected via Bluetooth. When a user has a positive experience, (s)he can push the button of the friend to which (s)he would like to share the experience. The button will buzz a pattern and light up as an indication to the user that (s)he has a story to tell. When the user is close to the friend, the Memorichi will buzz the same pattern again and when the user has told the story (s)he can press the button to delete the reminder. One of the lights on the strip surrounding the button will light up to show the connectedness with that friend.

Since the thesis of the Memorichi is to stimulate non-technological, actual human contact, the design of the device is also made to be the least intrusive as possible. The buzzing patterns are soft and the device has no auditory cues in its main use. The shape is asymmetric and uses different textures on the buttons, so the user can use the device without having to take it out of his or her pocket. On the other hand, the Memorichi will give an alarming sound when the user deletes a group to indicate that it is now actively breaking a connection with someone.

This project was a collaboration with Berber Bokkes, Elleke van Doorn, and Jeroen Vissers.