The future of sportswear

As Industrial Designers, we create the world of tomorrow by the development of new products. Usually, designers base their designs on the context of today, but in this project, we have taken an exercise in thinking about and designing in the future of twenty years from now. The theme of this project is the ‘future of fashion’. The seven-step scenario building method is being used to create different future scenarios and design in this future context. In the first part of the project, an analysis is made of what the year 2040 could look like. Following a research question regarding the future of fashion for Nike, Inc., three future scenarios have been written. In the design part of this project, one of the future scenarios is chosen and the Nike Purpose Program is designed in the context of the ‘Power to the People’ scenario. The Purpose Program consists of a smart sports shirt surrounded by an active community and coaching program to help people find their purpose in life (an important value in the ‘power to the people’ society).

This project was a collaboration with Sam Benou, Lieke ter Brugge and Artur Shkribliak.